Linguistics is the scientific study of language. As a subject of study, it gives
students the opportunities to be aware of why one needs language, how one should
learn language, and what are the characteristics that each language in the world has.
Being aware of linguistic knowledge helps students develop competencies in the
target language, namely, English. Linguistics studies require being scientific in the
sense that they need to be objective. Therefore, researchers interested in linguistics
should avoid and subjectivity and be neutral when studying the phenomenon of
language. Linguists also need to be exact when conducting research in any
language in the world. This means that they should not manipulate results they find
according to their preferences. Additionally, experimental studies and case studies
are two most important elements that we should shed light on when doing research
in linguistics because after all, language is a vivid phenomenon. The following
figure displays the conceptual cart of the different elements in the course.